New Term, New Specs

Kids are back to school in September after the long summer break, and if you have any concerns over their eyes or eyesight, now is the time to sort it out!

The pressures of school are well known, but if problems with eyesight go undiagnosed they could make those day-to-day academic challenges even tougher. Imagine sitting in class and not being able to read the board, not being able to copy down notes, or fully follow demonstrations and displays. It wouldn’t take long before you would fall behind — and once a child falls behind it becomes a struggle to catch up. Jan Neville Opticians based in Whittlesey has a comprehensive range of funky frames suitable for kids and young people.

If your teenager is worried about how glasses might affect the way they look, they can chat with our friendly staff and browse through our extensive range of cool frames from competitively priced ranges and designer names, such as Prada, Gucci and Versace. There is a full fitting service for little faces, too, to make sure that any pair of glasses they choose fits to perfection, and of course, there’s the added benefit that an eye check will pick up any potential eye-related health problems. Back to school with Jan Neville. Top marks!